Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Christmas by Elliott Yamin

In the history of the American Idol franchise, there has never been a more memorable character or more soulful singer than Elliott Yamin. Elliott was the poor, down-on-his-luck kid turned overnight star based strictly on pure, raw talent. In a contest dominated by veteran performers grasping for one last shot at the brass ring, Elliott came the closest to fulfilling AI's purported search for undiscovered talent.

Just seeing Elliott makes my heart melt. Hearing him jam on a Donny Hathaway classic like A Song for You or This Christmas lifts my spirits and restores my hope.

If you missed season 5 the first time or just miss Elliott like I do, you can relive the magic on American Idol Rewind.

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CathyEM said...

Elliott has always been my favorite Idol! I love his latest CDs "Fight for Love" and "My Kind of Holiday." If you haven't seen this guy in concert, he is an incredible live performer. No glitz or backup dancers, no auto-tune or lip-syncing, just a great vocalist who pours his heart and SOUL into his performances.
I follow Elliott on Twitter and he's very entertaining. He's a big sports fan and never afraid to speak his mind!