Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Friendship Waltz Inspired by Brian Wilson

I don't blog; therefore, I have a social life.

Well, I haven't blogged for a week - and what a busy week it's been. I have been blessed by wonderful friendships, some of them enduring since childhood, some forged by our young children and aging fitfully like our now adult children, some with Christian brothers and sisters sent by God to hold me up during my marital trauma. One advantage of separation from Mr. Jealous Controller is that I can renew my friendships without fear and feel free to socialize again on work nights - even three work nights in a row. Gasp!

More than six weeks ago, I made a Declaration of Independance - and now I am waltzing with angels again, Brian Wilson style.

Here's to my faithful friends, whom I love, and Brian Wilson, who wrote so many cherished songs that formed the soundtrack of my life, including the following - although he doesn't appear in the video recorded during his infamous reclusive years.

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