Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blog the Vote: AI Final Four

Well, I voted again last night after American Idol.

Primarily I voted for Anthony Fedorov and Vonzell Solomon, but I threw a few votes Bo Bice’s way as I tried to gauge the busyness of the final four contestants’ phone lines. I only got through one time to vote for Carrie Underwood out of probably ten attempts. The ratio for Bo was probably 1:8 and 1:6 for Anthony and Vonzell.

This season I voted only once before – for Constantine Maroulis the week he was eliminated. Tellingly, I had little trouble phoning in votes for Constantine.

If my experience is any indication, Anthony and Vonzell may be in the bottom two tonight – and their other fans can blame me for jinxing them! [Editor’s note: Right, like you have that much influence in the cosmos.]

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