Monday, October 26, 2009

T Party Express: The Cougar Edition

According to the UK Daily Mail, there is a specific formula for connubial success (hat tip to Hot Air). Ladies, we should look for never married bachelors 5 years older than ourselves.

Cougars, beware! My STBX (soon to be ex-husband) is 22 years younger. I was his first spouse and he was my second. From the outset, I knew ours was a high risk coupling and we were lucky to have what he calls "eight-and-a-half glorious years together." Our 9th anniversary was October 18th. Ahem.

Marrying a young man, regardless of the bride's age, is tantamount to raising a husband. It's a thankless job and, as divorce statistics indicate, the odds are you will never fully reap the benefits. I taught my STBX countless life skills. I certainly don't expect a thank you note from him or his next wife, but she has no idea how much I molded him from the raw can of Play-Doh that I found.

Our second stop on the T Party Express: Train in Vain by the Clash (1980), a hidden gem that closed out one of the greatest albums of the punk/new wave movement.

Previous stop: It's My Life by Talk Talk (1984).

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Al in Dallas said...

My first wife was fourteen years older than me. In some ways she raised and molded me, and neither I nor my current girlfriend (three years older than me) intend to thank her. My marriage lasted sixteen years, btw.