Sunday, October 25, 2009

My T Party Express: A Declaration of Indepen-dance

October 2009 has been a tearful month around Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion headquarters. I for one am ready to party. By party, I mean revel in music, the comfort food of forlorn lovers. I have always been a sappy romantic, so unsurprisingly many songs dearest to my heart are of the breakup variety.

How convenient.

Today I was moving and grooving to some of my all-time favorites when I had a happy realization. I finally get to dance again! The STBX (soon to be ex-husband), despite being as graceful as Fred Astaire, had to be dragged onto the dance floor. I did that exactly once, at a wedding two years ago. By his own admission, I pushed him around the dance floor like a coffin.

To celebrate my declaration of independance, I decided to start posting videos of my favorite heartbreak/survival songs, probably one per day until I feel like stopping. They won't all be tearjerkers. This ain't no pity party, peeps.

The first video of the series is one of my favoritest favorites. Back in the 80s, I used to have a specific dance routine that I performed to this song. Mock me if you must, but it always captured the attention of the cutest guy in the disco. This is such a powerful tune that even Gwen Stefani couldn't ruin it.

Without further ado, let's get the T Party Express rollin' with It's My Life by Talk Talk (1984). All aboard!

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