Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vote for Elliott Yamin!

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Two hours for Elliott!

No vote splitting!

11:15pm Update:

I stopped counting at 400 votes at around the 100 minute mark in the 2-hour voting window, not quite as many as last week's total or the week before. I heard the "circuits are busy" message consistently through the 120 minutes that I voted, especially during the first 25 minutes.

I hope that the extra phone line congestion in my Pacific time zone augurs well for Elliott. However, lines for other contestants might be busier than usual, too.

Dial Idol, which we have learned is of limited value, shows its bottom three - Paris Bennett, Elliott Yamin and Mandisa Hundley - dropping steadily percentage-wise as voting spread westward across the U.S. time zones.

Now that I'm done voting for Elliott this week, it's time to pray.

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