Monday, February 28, 2005

Praying for Snow

Today Tony Snow is scheduled to undergo a colectomy, removal of his cancerous colon which may necessitate a permanent colostomy bag. As undignified as that may seem, you can live without a colon and, God willing, he will for many, many years. I have read that Fox Radio is making accommodations to allow Tony to broadcast from his home. I salute the FNR management for extending flexibility, concern and kindness to a wonderful man who deserves no less.

When he hosted Fox News Sunday and especially in his personal remarks at the close of each program, Tony Snow's humanity, humility, honesty and good humor elevated the dialogue in his interviews and during the often heated panel discussions. I will never forget the emotional tribute his obviously dear friend, albeit political adversary, Juan Williams paid him on their final broadcast together. As a high profile public figure, Tony is disclosing information of the most private nature that may help others prevent or beat colon cancer.

The power of prayer is palpable to the believer and Tony has spoken movingly about his faith. My friend Edie, who is battling a cancer recurrence, is grateful for and deeply comforted by every prayer on her behalf. I do not doubt that Tony, his family and his medical team will appreciate all the prayers and support we can muster throughout his treatment.

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