Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jeff Buckley: Not the Last Goodbye

Today is the 11th anniversary of the shockingly premature death of Jeff Buckley. My dear friend A and I heard his Grace album fourteen years ago and fell in love forever with Buckley's voice, which held the poetry of Edith Piaf, the purity of Brian Wilson, and the passion of Patti Smith.

If Jason Castro did nothing else in his American Idol run, he introduced Buckley's music to an appreciative new audience that propelled "Hallelujah" to the top of the iTunes charts. As Jason said in his many post-elimination interviews, if viewers hadn't heard Buckley before, they needed to.

Castrocopia has posted a tribute of bootleg recordings and quotations about Buckley from his peers who describe his talent more effectively than I can. Better still, here is the talent of Jeff Buckley to speak for itself.

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Sunny said...

Loved Buckley, he like many before him went suddenly and way too soon. Nice video.