Monday, January 31, 2005

Who Put the Dumb in Dumb-o-crat?

Images of Iraqis joyously embracing democracy this weekend swept across the globe like a tsunami of holy water, wiping the screen through which Americans view Iraq squeaky clean. Knocking the obsolete old media parrots off their cushy perches. Washing away the dung flung at President Bush by filthy demagogues exposed as cheerleaders of doom. Leaving the dumb Democrat leadership of the new millennium stranded on a shrinking desert island of its own choosing.

There are many patriotic Democrats who celebrate the birth of Iraqi democracy. And yet the leftwing fundraising organization that controls the Democratic Party neither promotes nor celebrates democracy. How ironic. How sad.

The buoyant but not clairvoyant Senator Kennedy is famously familiar with murky depths, although this time he drove his party’s bandwagon off a rhetorical bridge too far. His speech presuming disastrous results on the eve of the election in Iraq might have been the final opportunity for Bush’s opponents to define our commitment there as a quagmire. Now that we have seen the Iraqi people as lovers of freedom, as we are, and haters of terrorism, as we are, it’s too late to argue that our mission was illegitimate and our soldiers died in vain.

Democrats insulting Condoleezza Rice looked like sore losers. Democrats minimizing the monumental triumph of the Iraqi people look like sore losers. Because they are.

My wise and witty husband Luis says that no one ever does anything smart when they are angry. The Dumb-o-crats keep proving his point.

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