Thursday, November 11, 2004

Freedom's Thanksgiving

My father enlisted in the U. S. Navy before World War II and was honorably discharged at its conclusion. His first battleship, the U.S.S. Portland, left Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941, two days before the infamous attack by the Japanese. He saw action in the Battle of Midway, in the Battle of Guadalcanal, and off the coast of Normandy during the invasion. Less than a decade later, he left behind my mother, two brothers, and sister to volunteer his service in Korea with the U. S. Army during the Korean War.

Today we honor the military veterans like my father who fought to keep America free and to liberate millions abroad. May we never forget and ever deserve their sacrifice.

The Memorial at Iwo Jima

President Ronald Reagan at Normandy for the 40th anniversary

President George W. Bush at Normandy for the 60th anniversary

Marines at Fallujah, Iraq on April 8, 2004, praying over their fallen commander, 1st Lt. Joshua Palmer

Veterans praying during today's Veterans' Day memorial, God bless them

The Color Guard honoring veterans today

President Bush honoring veterans today

Mrs. Bush honoring veterans today

A veteran of my father's generation, God bless him

The future veterans of America, God willing

Why they fight today

What we should tell them every day

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