Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Half-Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Is one of the blathering blowhards of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy about to suffer fallout from his election year antics?

This Washington Whispers column from the current online edition of U. S. News & World Report describes the political cost of playing a one-sided game of hardball:

You might notice something missing from Hardball With Chris Matthews soon: Republicans. "Hardball may seem more like badminton during the Republican National Convention," threatens a GOP insider. What's up? The GOP thinks Matthews has gone over to Sen. John Kerry 's side and is too critical of the Bush campaign's editing of a Hardball interview with Kerry posted on the party's negative site, As payback, they've stopped urging Republicans to appear on the show. Hardball executive producer Tammy Haddad dismisses charges Matthews is biased: "We beat everybody up." So far, nobody from the White House has told her of the show's being blackballed.

Let's urge the GOP to make good on this threat. If you agree, please write to the office of RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie at and ask him to discourage Republicans from guesting on Hardball and Crossfire during the convention.

Chris Matthews is shamelessly disrespectful to guests with whom he disagrees and even, according to the experience recounted by Michelle Malkin, manipulative, arrogant, and bullying. I could add more adjectives, but then there wouldn't be room for the following list of potential pundits and their e-mail addresses:

Jed Babbin
Michael Barone
Tony Blankley
David Brooks
Tammy Bruce
Mona Charen
Linda Chavez
Rod Dreher
Larry Elder
David Frum
Frank Gaffney
Jim Geraghty
Paul Gigot
Jim Glassman
Jonah Goldberg
Victor Davis Hanson
Hugh Hewitt
Laura Ingraham
Jeff Jacoby
Michael Ledeen
David Limbaugh
Kathryn Jean Lopez
Rich Lowry
Cliff May
Deroy Murdock
Kate O'Beirne
Jim Pinkerton
John Podhoretz
Dennis Prager
Glenn Reynolds
Peter Robinson
William Safire
Mark Steyn
Emmett Tyrrell
Armstrong Williams
Walter Williams
Byron York

I will be e-mailing each of these commentators to thank them for their constructive contributions to political discourse and encourage them to avoid Spitball, a.k.a. Hardball, and Crossfire during the Republican National Convention and until November 2, 2004.

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