Friday, August 20, 2004

Blackball "Hardball"

What if they taped a Hardball and nobody came?

No Republican or conservative, that is. The same for Crossfire. The last time I watched either of these shows was the last time, period. I was so aggravated that I didn’t know who would have an aneurysm first, Chris Matthews or me. I have often marveled that seemingly rational Republicans continue to participate in such an ugly, pointless, cacophonous spectacle when there are other venues for civil discourse.

The primary difference between Michelle Malkin and other right-thinking guests who were shouted down and shut up by Matthews, Carville and Begala (sounds like a team of ham-fisted proctologists) is that Malkin did not go quietly into the blogosphere. I hope details will be forthcoming from Ann Coulter, John O’Neill and others who experienced similar treatment.

The format of these shows requires the illusion of ideological balance. So I ask again: what if the conservative/Republican chairs were left empty during this campaign season?

No, I am not suggesting an audience boycott, which would be redundant since the ratings confirm that an overwhelming majority of the cable news audience already tunes out, but rather a guest boycott. I’m sure Chris Matthews could still attract some attention craving GOP politicos from his cocktail circuit, but I wonder if his producer’s Rolodex is deep enough to fill five shows per week. Even David Dreier and John McCain have to work some time.

I will post a list of e-mail addresses for regular and potential guests of Hardball and Crossfire if you would like to join me in urging those who are our political kin to refuse invitations to appear until after the November 2nd election at least. The mainstream media are long overdue for a comeuppance and their talk show mouthpieces are a good place to start.

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