Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review: My Favorite Videos of the Year

Marco Rubio: A Generational Choice

In his flawless campaign ad titled A Generational Choice, Senator-Elect Marco Rubio showed why he is the most promising and exciting conservative politician in a generation and shot to the top of the list of 2012 GOP vice presidential candidates.

24 Series Finale

Like his loyal sidekick Chloe, I blubbered as we bid a sad farewell to Jack Bauer and the must-watch experience that was 24.  The film version of 24 won't come soon enough for me.

Red Eye Favorite Intros of 2010, Part 1

Red Eye became my favorite TV show in 2010 thanks to its unique blend of humor, political irreverence, libertarian sensibility, and entertaining cast of panelists. Host Greg Gutfeld controls the mayhem with such a light touch that it is easy to underestimate his contribution to the show's success and growing popularity. As of this writing, Red Eye is the third most discussed TV show on Twitter.The cheeky guest intros must test the limits of the Fox News Channel censors.

Red Eye Favorite Intros of 2010, Part 2

Bedbugs Take Over the USA
The clever Taiwanese animators from NMA World Edition are plugged into American news and culture. They seem to be watchers of Fox News and fans of Red Eye as evidenced by the bedbugs video below.

Dennis Miller on Jimmy Carter's Presidency

Dennis Miller's regular segments on The O'Reilly Factor provide the funniest TV moments outside of Red Eye. Miller finally made his first Red Eye appearance on my birthday in August.


Best Commercial of 2010: Jack in the Box

This Drummer Is at the Wrong Gig 

Wrong gig and the wrong band. Dude.

Favorite Pet Video #1

A singing parrot? If you don't recognize the song, it is Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

Favorite Pet Video #2

A talking cat? Is this video real or fake?

Favorite Pet Video #3

A talking dog? Maybe.

Favorite Pet Video #4

Cats are easily amused as are cat lovers like me.


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