Friday, September 05, 2008

Bad Blood Between Hannity and Ingraham?

During Sean Hannity's Thursday, September 4, 2008 radio show, his friend Mark Levin, whose radio show follows Hannity's in some markets, dropped in to break some news. Levin seemingly forced Hannity to admit for the first time publicly that he was given a list of prospective running mates for Senator John McCain, including Governor Sarah Palin, to solicit his feedback in advance of the Palin announcement last Friday, August 29th.

But that may not be the only revelation leaked to listeners.

Levin made a negative comment about an unidentified radio host whom Hannity described as a backstabber. Then Levin mentioned Laura Ingraham specifically by name.

Is the longstanding friendship between Hannity and Ingraham kaput or was Levin just joking around? If the former, perhaps the fracture occurred when Hannity was negotiating his recent three-way broadcast deal with ABC Radio Networks, his former syndicator, and Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks.

The deal, according to Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer, "should put an end to efforts by Laura Ingraham and other hosts to move into slots that would have been vacated by a Hannity departure."

I cannot find any confirmation of this possible rift in the news or blogosphere, but it might explain Ingraham's absence at the May 2008 Hannity Freedom Concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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crallspace said...

Both are vicious, ideological nutbags - of course the passions can run high.

But neither of which are really worth the mention.