Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jason Castro: Semifinalist or Scapegoat?

Disclaimer: I am not an actual American Idol historian, but I fare pretty well at those online trivia quizzes that test your knowledge of the show. Here are two questions to gauge how closely you have been paying attention to AI. Ready?

1. This contestant gave some of the most memorable performances of the season and brought a new musical genre to the show to the audience’s delight. He had such a mellow hippie vibe that rumors abounded about his alleged recreational drug use. The AI media openly speculated about whether he was really committed to the competition after his seemingly nonchalant reaction when he landed in the bottom 3. Can you name him?

The correct answer is Bo Bice from season 4. When in the bottom 3, Bo revealed casually that he auditioned for AI only because of a bet with his mom and, if eliminated, he could happily return to playing small gigs with his band. Bo survived until the grand finale when he was bested by Carrie Underwood, but his reputation for detachment continued after he wasn’t crushed by his defeat.

You answered Jason Castro. Sorry! Please try again.

2. This contestant became a polarizing figure among the AI media and other contestants’ fan bases, which expressed outrage when he was declared safe as a more popular contestant went home. During the shocking top 6 elimination episode, the camera kept catching him in unflattering poses. Can you name him?

The correct answer is Scott Savol from season 4. When Constantine Maroulis was eliminated before him, the camera captured Scott’s relief and he became a convenient scapegoat until he was expelled the following week.

You answered Jason Castro again. Obviously, those were trick questions. My answers were correct. So were yours.

How can that be? How can Jason Castro have so much in common with season 4 runner up Bo Bice and fifth place finisher Scott Savol at the same time?

Is Jason Castro a semifinalist or a scapegoat?

That, my fellow pitiless dreadheaded Castrocopian daydreamers, depends on how our favorite season 7 troubadour performs this week and how we the voting public respond.

As a close observer of American Idol since its debut in 2002, I have no doubt the same bus that took out Savol is gunning for Jason. While I do not believe that the AI crew has ever engaged in vote tampering, I do believe that they engage in every voter manipulation the FCC allows. For example, although we know that the eliminated contestant is always the lowest vote getter, we are never told the other contestants’ results except in the finale. But the vote rankings are implied by the order in which their safety is announced, although viewers have no way of knowing the actual rankings. By repeatedly bringing out David Archuleta and David Cook first, the impression that they are “winners” is reinforced. Likewise, the implicit “losers” are the last to be declared safe. The reality could be the exact opposite.

It is no random coincidence that the AI camera caught Jason yawning offstage as he waited with Carly Smithson or gazing sideways at the band instead of giving his undivided attention to bottom 2 performer Syesha Mercado during what could have been her swan song. It is no random coincidence that Jason – instead of Brooke, David the younger or David the elder – was in the last pair to learn their voting status. It is no random coincidence that Jason – instead of babbling Brooke, little David or big David – was placed and kept alongside Carly as her elimination drama played out. Every convincing tragedy needs a villain.

Not content to rest on his TV manipulations, Nigel Lythgoe singled out Jason as “the weakest of the bunch” in a media interview while admitting he was surprised and disappointed by Carly’s departure after her “fun” interpretation of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Maybe he was referring to Jason’s sickly condition before and during his live performance of “Memory.” Between Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s condescension and Lythgoe’s ham-handed machinations, poor Jason was dealt the worst one-two punch by the musical Cats since the Team America character Chris was violated by Rumpleteazer and Mr. Mistoffelees – not to be confused under any circumstances with these cats.

What other tactics does Lythgoe have planned for Neil Diamond week? Since AI history does tend to repeat as predictably as a Randy Jackson critique, maybe Nigel will give Jason a last minute lyrics change as he did to Clay Aiken – “Vincent” or maybe he will force Jason to substitute an entire song less than 48 hours before performance night as he did to Taylor Hicks – “Just Once” in place of “Try a Little Tenderness.” Perhaps Randy will use some Simon Cowell reverse psychology to disarm Jason’s fan base by being excessively complimentary in the hopes of lulling us into a false sense of security.

Those in the AI world who don’t appreciate the emotional power of Jason’s voice are quick to attribute his popularity to his good looks or his goofy charm. I firmly believe that Jason has earned his standing on American Idol on the strength of his raw musical talent. He has delivered two of the most unique, outstanding and memorable broadcast performances – “Hallelujah” and “Somewhere over the Rainbow” – in seven seasons of American Idol. Subsequently, beloved interpretations by the late Jeff Buckley and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole respectively were catapulted to the top of iTunes sales charts. The kid has an impeccable music sensibility.

Jason’s studio version of “Memory” is exquisitely sad and haunting while his lower register and falsetto are more assured than ever. When you listen to his recordings in chronological order, his growth in vocal confidence, range, and expressiveness are hard to discount. His fans include serious music aficionados such as Chris Sligh, John Norris, Michael Slezak, and me.

For Neil Diamond night, I hope Jason will perform “Red, Red Wine” UB40 style and accompany himself on the drums – standup kit, bongos, congas, I don’t particularly care which. “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” or “Solitary Man” would be excellent guitar strumming choices. However, Urge Overkill recorded a modernized version of the former and Cookie might already have dibs on it.

No matter what, under those flexible FCC rules, I will be voting for the entire allotted time period with both hands and maybe a modem, if I can figure out how that voting software thingamajig works with digital phone. I will cast my votes in honor of Chris Sligh, who was taken from us too soon. I will cast my votes to honor the AI rock pioneers who cleared a path through the musical wilderness overpopulated by pop singers and R&B crooners – Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, Chris Sligh, and maybe Jon Peter Lewis but I'm not sure. I will cast my votes to honor the great American tradition of singer-songwriters, most of whom are unknown by Simon and Nigel, to which Jason is an heir apparent.

Finally, I will cast my votes to hear Jason Castro sing the winning coronation lyrics about rainbows and dreams because he is the only American Idol contest authentic enough to make that syrupy drek palatable and he can play his ukulele again, too.


Anonymous said...

So, Nigel apparently played the same last minute song switch with Taylor too? Just like he did Constantine the night he went home.

I think the only thing Jason needs are some voice lessons. He can carry a tune, but he just doesn't have the vocal strength or breath control of the other contestants and he's singing from his throat. He needs some training. And I'd love to see a little attitude or confidence from someone who's supposedly as good as so many think. He just doesn't compare vocally to the other finalists. Otherwise, he's quite charming.

Anonymous said...

It was proven from pictures and stills that Scott Savol had a look of SHOCK on his face, not relief when Constantine left.

Sunny said...

Apparently 'Anonymous' is simply far too influenced by the common viewpoint of what makes a good singer.

Certainly the big voiced singers with their major glory notes are impressive, but equally so, actually even more so, are the artists that even with a whisper, with subtle nuances in their inflection, deliver a poignancy that can be felt, live or via recording.

Artists such as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, possess the ability to enter your heart and impact your soul. Jason Castro shares that caliber of talent, he has that ability.

Here's a link to one of his songs.

Anonymous said...

Awesome commentary! You are right-on in your assessment. Thank you for writing was I have been thinking for a long time.

Anonymous said...

You are so right on. And, all this is clearly evident to Jason's fans. It is unbelievably cruel and disgusting what they do to some of these contestants. If they have an agenda, why even have the show? Just put the two Davids up there every week to battle it out. I'll be right along with you voting with two phones and a Go Phone. We shall conquer.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head with this one! It's been quite apparent for some time now that AI is setting Jason up for a fall. The producers have been pushing for a certain "final 2 finale" and they seem willing to do any kind of audience manipulation to so that.

Jason Castro is a true ammature w/ a beautiful, natural, unique voice. Vote Jason all the way to the finale!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hitting on some of the many ways A.I tries to manipulate the public into voting the way they have stacked the deck!
Jason Castro truly does have the most pure, raw talent and rightly deserves a place in the finale.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It is SO apparent.. I fully expect Jason to get ousted this week or next.. I just hope they let him go out on a high note.. I doubt it though

I will also be voting like a maniac..

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting analysis. I definitely believe that at the very least AI attempts to manipulate voters by the ways & means you have suggested. In addition I believe interviews aired with contestants only show what AI wants us to see in order to influence votes. Anyone who has ever been interviewed by any media knows that they have a lot of power by what they choose to edit out of an interview. Many have experienced their comments being completely skewed by one sentence being taken out of context, and they discover the public has been led to believe they said exactly the opposite of what they in fact did. Also leading questions by Ryan, all those sorts of things play into what they want the public to vote. Much of this is Media 101 and it surprises me that so many people aren't aware of this or haven't figured it out for themselves.

One thing I haven't heard much about has been a suggestion by an AI blogger who apparently has an inside angle that Jason picked the short straw and was stuck with "Memory". On that blog we were told that for whatever reason AI decided someone *had* to sing "Memory", and since no one wanted it they had to draw from a hat. Normally I don't give much credence to hearsay on the AI forums but this person seems to have a lot of credibility. So possibly the music choice switcheroo has already, in a way, played itself out for Jason. That is really really too bad as he is obviously really well liked by America despite what AI producers apparently want and think. Count me as one of his fans. I will definitely purchase his music.

McLovin said...

Excellent article -- you are so right about that bus. There are some instructions for setting up the voting software thingamajig on the blog at Castrocopia:

Thanks for the mention in your article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your commentary. I believe that the general public does not recognize the media manipulation that goes on behind the scenes. They simply hear or read something "somewhere" and repeat that one line or that one thought as fact, without realizing what motive was behind it.

I wish we could open more eyes to this.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting how Jason was the "dark horse" the one to watch out for and now he is the evil villian for ousting Carly. Carly's departure was surely no shocker. She had been in the bottom 3 several times already. By now, voters often take into consideration the performances in the past and what they know the contestant is capable of doing and vote accordingly. Using the logic that one should leave after an off performance, would mean that Carly should have left the night Michael Johns did and David Cook should have been in the bottom 3 that same night.

If Randy tries to throw Jason under the bus this week, I am over AI and will never support them again. I am hoping that Neil Diamond will set the tone in a positive way. Whatcha wanna bet Jason is first?

This season has been lately like a night of the Emperor's new clothes with Randy and Simon telling us what is good and what is bad hoping to lead the masses their way. Such an agenda!

Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

It is completely apparent that they are trying to throw Jason under the bus. Too bad the Dreadheads are the ones driving the bus so WE will make sure Jason is SAFE everytime. You have Ryan asking how to vote for Jason and Simon saying not to vote for him, and Nigel saying he is the weakest singer. No they're not trying to get him booted off NOT, like hell they are not. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this article! I have thought for a long time that the show was being very unfair to Jason!!The things Randy and Simon said on Larry King Live, were unbelievable to me! This week when Jason sang Memory, which, by the way, for me was beautiful!, Simon told people NOT to vote for him!! I was so angery about the way they treated him both on the performance night and on elimination night I yelled at my TV! If it were not for Jason, I wouldn't even be watching their show and I know many people who feel the same! Nigel may want to rethink whom to use as a scapegoat!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for trying to bring this to light. I believe we need to get major media outlets in the know. Maybe hopefully if the story broke and the masses knew they were being manipulated they would ot allow it?

Jason is such a wonderful singer. His tone is so pure and warm and intriging. He can infuse more feeling with his pinky that the remaining contestants can with their years and years of experience.

That bus has been aimed at Jason since his B3 appearance when I would wagger he wasn't B3.

Memory as sung by Jason is the most moving version I have ever heard. He totally Castroized it.

This kid is the real deal, a real unknown and I am hoping his appeal to far reaching to allow that Bus to actually take him out.

But then again anyone who believes Ruben beat Clay doesn't understand the lengths AI will go to have whom they want in the finale or win.

Support Jason America. Vote like no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You only confirm what people are saying about the Grassy Knoll theory!!! Honestly, though they probably are honest with the vote numbers, they do find ways to dirty up people's minds. Yes, Jason standing with Carly....bull! It more than likely was Brooke who was next with the votes....why didn't they have her with Carly? And NEVER a mention of how sick Jason had been. Well, my phones are charged and my computer is ready to dial like crazy! I want to listen to Jason Castro's beautiful music for as long as I could.
By the way, the voting by computer is REALLY EAsY to set up!!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I watch American Idol this season s to see Jason Castro. If he is elimanted,I will not watch it again.No one else on that show is in the least bit interesting, refreshing or unique. Jason is all three of those and so much more! Raw talent, charisma, a REAL, genuine personality.....he's a diamond in the rough, and I will follow his career closely and purchase his cd the moment it becomes available.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on everything said. I also notice that they play bad clips just before an Idol sings, not just Jason but with Chris Sligh last year, then the judges all seem to agree. Did Jason get it Lord Weber? You think??? I'd say "oh yes, he got it"

Anonymous said...

Vote for Jason Castro! We don't want AI playing on us. We know what real talent is. Jason's the real deal!

Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Jason's music on I-tunes and You Tube. He is a high-caliber artist already, and I can't understand why some people criticize his voice--it's perfect for the music he sings! I do think the judges try to "guide" the voters, but hey, we know a good thing when we hear it and we're going to vote for Jason anyway! (By the way, you can't see the guy when you're listening on I-Tunes, so even thought he's good-looking, it's unfair to say that's all he's go going for him.)

Thanks for the article!

Anonymous said...

Word, word, and word. Thanks for pointing out this blatant manipulation (and convincing me I'm not crazy for seeing all the donuts the AI bus was doing on the poor boy's body this past week).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out all the things that many of us see. After LKL aired and Randy made his comments, and then comes back after SOTR and says "that can be a record", I truly got a creepy feeling. Not because his performance wasn't good, it was amazing. But because I felt like he was truly be deceitful, like the snake in the garden of eden type of creepy, its just evil. The games they are playing are so blatant, and its at the expense of some really fine artist. I see no point in watching the show once they throw Jason to the lions, and I do believe they will eventually. I sincerely would not be watching anymore if it were not because of Jason.

Anonymous said...

What has completely won me over about Jason is what you described...his raw musicality. His voice and his music take me back to a day when movie actors were not made by CGI and singers where not made by sound boards. It reminds me of a time in music when it was about the connectivity of the music, the musician, and the audience. For me, music has become overproduced and mechanical. Watching and listening to this young organic musician has really reconnected me to the world of music in a way that I have missed. Thanks for your article...and to the kid with the dreads and the perfect imperfect voice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for htis post - my fanmilt has been saying the same things about the maniulation! CASTro your vote!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I was convinced that this was happening, but as I only started watching AI casually last year and faithfully this year (because of Jason) I wasn't aware of the history. The way they treated him last week was abominable! Every contestant this season who was sick at least had a shout out, and it was OBVIOUS that Jason was unwell. AS for the judges comments, I totally didn't get them. While not as strong as his usual performances, Memory touched me. Jason is a gifted musician/singer/songwriter and the AI machine needs to recognize that what they are doing is absolutely beastly. I can only hope that their wicked (and I mean wicked) behaviour comes back to bite them in the butt! The fact that Jason stands up there each week with such dignity and humility makes him all the more endearing. No matter what, he is our family's American Idol!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this informative article. It is so easy to see what seems to be happening. I will continue to vote for Jason with 3 phones for 2 hours. He deserves so much more credit!

Anonymous said...

I do think Jason has one of the higher votes counts and but AI is using the Judges+ Nigel through comments and interviews to play mind games with the viewers telling them he is "weak" in attempt to sway votes count against him.

The reason why Michael John and Carly is out is very obviously a manipulation of voters to vote towards David Cook . DC is the only one who gain most of the voters from MJ and Carly fallout ..same fan base IMO for all 3. They are definitely setting it for votes of DC to outnumber that of DA and DC for the win.

DC already have his own music cd Analog Heart relased in 2006 ..why the need to let someone who is as seasoned as he is compete a supposedly "raw talent" discovery show.

Anyway, once Jason is out of the competition, that's the end of ido watching for me. I have no interest in DC stout arrogant face or DA teddy graham face. irks the h*ll out of me.

I will support Jason's music and buy all his releases.

PJC said...

This article made me really sad because I believe it all to be true. I love hearing and seeing Jason every week and I vote for him frantically for 2 hours but I sometimes think it would be better for him to leave now in lieu of the poor treatment. Plus, they will just try to change him. I hope some music producer who gets him like we do will produce Jason and allow him to forge his own way with loving guidance and not try to mold or change him.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Jason is the best true singer that they have ever had on AI and, as Randy would say, "they just don't get it." I think it would be hilarious if someone was able to get through with a cheesy question during the live question segment and instead ask the judges to explain in detail the obvious media manipulation that is being used to persuade voters. My only satisfaction is in knowing that it really doesn't matter that much anymore because Jason has been discovered by a wide audience with an adoring fan base. I see many pots of gold at the end of his rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Jason Castro is such an amazing talent! I truely believe he could win it! Keep up the good work Jason, all your songs are amazing!! I am praying for you everynite! I love your personalit, charm, and VOICE! You are so talented, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I loved your article. Thanks for supporting Jason. I am a grandmother who thinks Jason is the most talented performer on Idol. I will buy anything he sings. I vote for him every week. Keep talking about him.

I also read he was very sick when he sang Memory. And I am tired of hearing he is on drugs. He is just shy. Anybody with a brain can see that. GO Jason!!!!

aw said...

Thank you for your insight. It's amazing how many bloggers on various sites were easily influenced by some judges' comments and the production manipulation which some of us can see.

Becuase of Jason's attractiveness and his unique hairstyle, they wanted to believe only young female were infatuated. The truth is that Jason has established quite a fan base and they are very loyal but they do not express agrressively like Jason. He, for sure, appeals to wide population from very young to very old and as a matter of fact, most of my young and old friends found Jason very grounded, solid in faith and family upbringing, not pretentiojus, and matured beyond his age and most of all his extremely unique talent. In one word, we are deeply touched by Jason. He gives us a bundle of joy and smile. He's really beautiful inside and outside. We should fight back and keep voting fervently. Jason can sell his CD extremely well.
Thank you for reading such a long entry.

Anonymous said...

Well I think I love you! :D I too will be voting for Jason Castro.

The machine is hard at work and I have heard there is some controversy, but I do not know what that means for Jason this week. I'm fairly certain Jason didn't get one or both of his song choices..... but at this point, that's speculation on my part based on what happened last week.

But, something is up for sure, so let's get those dialing and texting fingers in gear.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your comments about Jason. I was so upset last week with ALW and the three stoogies that I made sure I had voted at least twice as many times as usual. Even though I am not particularly sure that they don't manipulate the votes but I have to try. I thought maybe if the number of votes are so overwhelming that maybe they can't really cheat him. But, yes, they have their David/David finale all planned and set up so if Jason sneaks in, that will dampen their plans. However, I am Dreadhead 1574 and I am going to support the Head Dread to the end.

Anonymous said...

You are so right! It has been obvious since day one that Randy did not like Jason AT ALL. Now, it appears that everyone on the American Idol staff is trying to get him off the show. They even got Andrew Lloyd Webber to join in the bashing last week. When are they going to realize that he is the most talented, original artist on the show? He is my favorite of all 7 seasons. I absolutely LOVE his voice!

Anonymous said...

Great article. Very insightful. Jason is grossly underated. I think he has the most raw talent out of the whole bunch. It will be a challenge to pull him through to the finish with all the stumbling blocks they are throwing in his way.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with you Jason while his voice is reasonablly ok he does not have the range and vocal ablity to outlast the stronger contestants. He will go before the top 3 and then his fans will be crying because they have no slow boring song to help them fall asleep at night. Oh well theres always a glass of warm milk..

Ale... said...

Good article, and your very good point. We know that the media try to influence people, those who are left outside influence.

Jason is my favorite, not only because it is beautiful, also because he has his own style, not trying to be equal to another, and wants to be authentic. His voice is very sweet and lovely, and every time you hear what I connect to it. That means he reaches the people.

The other participants are also very good, but I hear a voice very commercial in which more than usual. Instead Jason breaks that paradigm.

Unfortunately I see the program by Sony, that is one week late and that's why I feel a little lost, but if I got as many times as in those of american idol Jason to try to obscure. But they earn with that? And this very clear that the winner will be one of David.

Particularly if you could vote, it would undoubtedly by Jason, I like to listen to and download all their songs, and undoubtedly buy their CD and will remain his fans.

I do not know if I understand, Excuse my English.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...and frightening. If they really want him to lose, what's to stop them from just eliminating him regardless of the votes?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the well thought out and interesting blog.

I get so TIRED of people saying Jason can't sing because doesn't have the range of the other singers. Please look up information before posting false information. says "Carly Smithson, David Archuleta, and Jason Castro - 12 ½ steps" - i.e. Jason has the same range as Carly and David A.

He can sing and many, many, many of us (who vote) love his voice.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. They want him gone and it's probably more evident and blatant than any season I can remember (and I've seen them all). What Jason lacks in vocal prowess is more than made up for by his understanding of what the lyrics mean and his ability to get that across when he sings. His studio recordings available on iTunes are brilliant. Hearing Jason sing touches my heart while Archuleta's robotic runs and glory notes leave me cold. Season seven is the most blatant pimping of one contestant I've seen since season three. It's disgusting. I'll vote for Jason till my fingers bleed on Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

AI has complete control of what the contestants say. I believe they edit Jason to sound dumb. Yes Jason says goofy things but he was an honor student and has won scholarship to Texas A & M. He is not dumb. ALW comments about "I think he got it, I think?" Hearing Barbra Steisand sing "Memory" does not equate it to a Cat. Jason said he recognized the work but did not see the plays.

Sunny said...

First, thanks for including me in this discussion with the link. Secondly, to PJC, man you never give up on the guy just because the producers, TPTB et al would like you to - thirdly the more buzz that the show is trying to toss him beneath the bus the better.

Word needs to be out that his fans care what happens.

Regarding commentary about the show manipulating and editing him, as Michael Johns said in an interview, yeah, Castro is laid back but too he comes out with profound observations. I enjoyed the Rock Star series that Mark Burnett put out, but that last season it was much like Idol with the manipulative editing. Burnett and the gang did everything they could to help Tommy Lee get his boy Lukas the win.

This show wanted Archie from the start, it was blatantly obvious. Doesn't mean it has to happen.

travelinthru said...

The first night Jason Castro performed, I knew he was special. The raw emotion in his voice just breaks my heart. His falsetto sends chills down my spine. His face is so expressive. He performs with his voice, heart, soul... Unlike Archuleta, who seems like a nice kid, however, there is no emotional range in his singing and his voice sounds annoyingly flat, almost hollow to me. And the same facial expression all of the time. Jason must win! He's the true artist in this show!

Sunny said...

travellingthru, Jason does that for me too. It's amazing how much 'punch' he can put into a song sans the usual melisma normally heard on Idol.

Archuleta, from the start has just does nothing for me. I don't feel anything when he performs, he's robotic, no emotion in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

I have felt that Jason was not being treated fairly the last couple of weeks, espceially being sick and not any mention of it like they did for other contestants.

I love Jason's voice and his personality and when he sings you can feel the emotions and the connection with the audience.

I am also a grandmother and enjoy listening to all of his songs which I too have purchased off iTunes. David A and David C just dont't do it for me either. Everything DA sings sounds the same week after week and DC just seems fo full of himself lately like he has already won the competition.

What really bothers me is that the AI people think that the fans (Jason's) cannot see what they are trying to do.

Let's just vote as much as we can and get Jason all the way to the end and win.

Ale... said...

Travelinthru and Sunny ... Jason makes the same effect on me, I knew from the outset that this guy was special and makes me difficult to describe what I feel every time you hear, and I am surprised to realize how it has grown. I repeat, I feel that Jason should win because he is single, Jason with his voice and his perfomance full emotions. And although I am told that those comparisons are odious, it makes me inevitable, Archuleta sings well, but as you say it seems to me a robot, Cook and I like a lot, but it is more commercial. If those who say that Jason sings badly because they do not snag the atormentantes screams hitting Archuleta and cook, learn before speaking.
Even so I have a strange feeling, I do not think that producers of AI vote followed three girls, and is more than obvious that the judges and everyone wants in the final Archuleta and David, is not being pessimistic, but rather to those who can vote are put batteries. Please Vote on Tuesday at night by Jason, until you feel your fingers!
Sorry for my english..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing what most of Jason's fans are thinking. This blatant manipulation is disgusting. Most of what I feel has been stated already. So, I'll just mention the ridiculous editing of his mentoring videos. In particular, the Dolly Parton one. They made it all about his dreads. Why? They couldn't possibly leave in the part where Dolly said she wanted to sing duets with him. That may have shown us she thought he had talent. But, in Michael Johns' clip they left in that she wanted to write songs for him.

I can't believe how much the media is playing into their filthy hands. What sheep most of them have become. I guess no one can think for themselves anymore...except you. Thank you so very much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for expressing everything I have been feeling for a week. The phrase scapegoat crossed my mind several times this weekend as pertaining to Jason. Then I saw the title of your blog and I was stunned. I wasn't the only one thinking it. Several of the big voiced belters over the last seasons have won my votes and touched my soul with their performances. This year, I've enjoyed several of this years belters performances, but none of them moved me the way Jason's has. He's the Idol I never thought I'd see.

Listening to some of my favorite male artists with vocal imperfections, I figured they could never even make it past the auditions. Yet this year, someone is representing them, and I'm so happy to partake in his journey.

I will vote 2 hours straight for Jason tomorrow night. However, the way they treated him this last week has been so blatantly disrespectful, I'm considering withholding my vote for the first time in 6 seasons if Jason is voted off. Not because I'm a sore loser. The last two seasons my favorites have come in third and I still voted for the finale. Just because of the ugly bashing that has taken place by other contestants fans.

Let's hope Jason gets the good treatment he so deserves.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Jason Castro is my favourite AI contestant that I have yet to see, and I'm glad there are people standing up for him. Personally, I am more than a little tired of hearing David A. belt out ballads each and every week. It's usually when I get up for a break to get a drink from the kitchen.

Being a fan of Jack Johnson and Ray LaMontagne, I took an immediate liking to Jason. And although I am a girl about his age, I know I'm a true fan of his music because I actually did not find him particularly attractive until I heard him sing. His goofy charm and later noticed good looks were bonuses for me.

Anyways, great blog. I hate the manipulation of media. I mean as if Jason Castro is the first person to yawn on a Wednesday night...

Anonymous said...

OK, did I actually see an AI ad last night where Jason said "If we mess up, we can't go back & do it over agin" or something like that? That strikes me as rather un-Jasonlike. Like it was a scripted "dig" at Brooke. After all of the hoopla over Carly saying "I remembered all the words!" last Wednesday was interpreted. Anyone else catch that?

coffeygirlb said...

I LOVED this post, absolutely LOVED it....I think very few people "get" Jason, and you so clearly do!! As do I. He has a raw, sweet and purely undiscovered talent. One of the only ones in the competition who can say that they are truly an "undiscovered talent". Keep singing his praises! Her really does deserve them!

Ale... said...

Here is a link to a journalist who criticized harshly jason ... and obviously this down my super long-defense ...

Well, today is the big day, to vote and vote for Jason, we hope to sing well, and what we see in the finals, so this week is important to vote!

Anonymous said...

My whole household and extended family are Jason fans. From 14-68 years! It's not just the "tweens" that like him. He's so genuine and his voice just gives me chills. I'd hate to see him change what he already does so well. Things happen for a reason, and if he's voted off soon, there are better things in store for him. Someone will appreciate him for his ability and produce a fantastic cd that all of us will cherish. Hang in there Jason, you're a true inspiration:)

Anonymous said...

Well I just finished watching AI and Voting for 2 hours, but I could not believe how arrogant Randy was to Jason, and Paula was commenting on his second song which he had not sung yet. I think the judges need to be changed, it seems like it is becoming more personal than it should be.

I really feel bad for Jason. I hope he makes it at least to the top 3 if not 2, but it might be better if he is not committed to the AI producers and I am sure there are people out there who will sign him to a contract.

He is a breath of fresh air, not artifical and just laid back and down to earth.

I love listening to him sing and would buy all his cd's.

Anonymous said...

I understand the parallel associations here, but they're a little bit stretchy.

Bo was THE original long-haired, laid-back hippie type. But Bo was actually a, you know, GOOD singer and more or less coherent in interviews.

Scott was villianized for outlasting Constantine, a more popular contestant and a more skilled performer, in a surprise upset attributed to many things including possible PaulaGate I smoke screen tactics, technology failure, and Greek Easter. Carly's elimination was not such a shocker, and it's arguable that Jason rightfully outlasted Carly if the basis of comparison is popularity. He outlasted her based on the strength of his fanbase.

Anonymous said...

Jason is the best vocalist in this season of Idol because he never needs to push beyond is capacity and never does. He knows is limitation, though very few. He is such a breath of fresh air from all of that noise in music today. He voice is smooth and crisp. He may not win AI, but that may be a good thing. I would hate to think of him being forces to record the type of songs Taylor Hicks was forced to do.

Anonymous said...

Terri, First of all, I hope you are healthy and well! Thank you for putting into words my thoughts of the AI manipulation toward Jason in hopes to have him eliminated. It seems that they are hoping for a rocker this year, and they are determined to get one no matter who they run over. Nothing new about that. So, why don't they change their format so that they have more control over the winner? We know

Until I read a readers comment, I had not thought about how Carly's and Michael's eliminations have benefited David C...that was dumb on my part...of course, most rockers switched their support after each was eliminated. So AI could have manipulated the voting to eliminate the weaker rock singers to boost votes for their chosen one. Or, more of the rockers decided that they liked DC's performances more than the other two. In any case, David C knocked Carly out of the competion and PaulaGate helped Jason not be in the bottom 2. Maybe we should thank Paula...NOT.

Jason and David A are my top two because I enjoy falsetto over screams or screeches. Without the screaming such as Sparrow, David C is a decent singer and performer. Syesha has started to relax and show some personality, but nothing new or interesting. I think I may have preferred Kristy (in the latter weeks) over Syesha. This week I hope that the Jason can bring it in spite of the PaulaGate crisis, and David A can find a song that we can sing and dance to! (BTW, Paula's comment that she would like to see DA enjoying himself and having a good time???? That night he was enjoying himself and it showed.)

JMO, thanks! Charity

Karen said...

This was my first season ever watching this show and I fell in love with Jason Castro. I am sickened by the treatment he suffered at the hands of the Simon and Randy and apparently this Nigel character as well. This is the last season I will ever watch and I will patiently await Jason's CD.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with the OP. Take for example the results on that Dial website. For sure the figures indicate that Syesha received a high number of busy signals. That's what they measured, and that can easily be tampered with. The folks at Ai know the influence that Dial has, and they've gotten around that by making sure that many more lines ring busy than what is really happening.

Forgive me for not explaining this better, I've got a migraine today - but have a look at this. Go to the site, click Predictions and then click DIHardgraphs. In the pink box that says "show overall", unclick score and click vote. That will give you the total number of votes they attempted to make from a wide section of the general public. Ignore anything you've read about busy signals, that can easily be fudged.

You can easily see by that graph that David Cook got the most votes, then Jason, then David A. and way at the bottom Syesha.

Welcome to the Syesha scandal of 2008

Anonymous said...

Actually, AI did Jason a favor. He now has control of his musical destiny, as opposed to having it scripted for him by the producers in charge of the contract that comes with an AI victory.

I have no doubt he will be successful on his own. The kid has a true musical soul, and the personality to get his message across. He may not be as successful as Underwood or Daughtery, but he has a fine career ahead of him.