Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hey, Kids, Let's Throw a Party - a Conservative Party!

In 1992, disaffected populists left the GOP to start the grassroots Reform Party. They're baaaaaaack -- but now, with their enemies lists and conspiracy theories targeting conservatives, they are hijacking the Republican Party that I love.

The Libertarians had their chance and the best they could muster is Ron Paul. So ... let's form our own party. A national conservative party.


We could call it the Conservative Republicans of America Party (CRAP). Or not. I'm open to suggestions.

Let's take back what it means to be a true conservative. We'll have an entrance exam -- and it will be in English. We will welcome all genuine conservatives, regardless of faith, heritage or gender.

And we will draft Fred Thompson as our first nominee -- if necessary, as a write-in candidate -- so that our country will have the true conservative alternative to the two Democrat parties in November 2008 that we all deserve.

Do I hear a second to my motion? Can I get an amen?

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