Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Write the Songs That Make Hasselhoff Cry

It's official: American Idol is launching its first songwriting contest with details today at USA Today and more to follow at the AI songwriting site.

According to Iain Pirie of 19 Entertainment, the objective is to find undiscovered songwriting talent in the same way AI elevates singers from obscurity. He says. "You can literally imagine a 50-year-old mom sitting in her living room with a portable keyboard, coming up with a great song."

That's me! I am a 50-year-old mom and I spend lots of time in my living room recliner on a portable keyboard. Seriously, though, I am a frustrated songwriter and I do plan to enter the contest.

Please vote for me!

ETA: Oops! I didn't enter after all. My son decided not to sing on my demo and I couldn't scrounge up another good singer to record my composition before the deadline. The pros and semi-pros in bands and with access to studios really have an advantage over 50-year-old moms sitting in their living rooms.

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