Monday, January 16, 2006

And the Winner Is . . .

Actually, no, I am not live-blogging the Golden Globes show, although I am sort of watching it, as I sort of do every year. The Globes are so much more casual and compact than the Oscars or Emmys, celebrating both TV and film in the intimate setting of an overcrowded dinner party.

Part of the fun is waiting for the announced winner to be trapped in the maze of tables en route to the stage - or trapped in the powder room a la Christine Lahti. Although most of the nominees are as trendy, politically correct and predictable as any other major award, you can count on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to honor at least one unlikely candidate like Pia Zadora.

Why else do I tune in every year? Although I recognize most of the attendees, I seldom watch network TV and the only nominated film I have seen is Pride and Prejudice, which was classified in the category of comedy or musical. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels ever, period. It is Jane Austen's wittiest work, but I am stunned that the Golden Globes would consider it a comedy, where I knew it could not compete favorably against Walk the Line.

The most memorable, amusing film I saw in 2005, The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, was not nominated as the best anything. When I saw that its endearing star and co-author, Steve Carell, was nominated as best actor in the TV comedy, The Office, I guessed immediately that he would win to compensate for his movie's omission.

If you like your contests a bit less predictable, the fun boys four of Fraters Libertas are hosting a poll that asks, "Who knows more about constitutional law?"

The choices are:

1. Senator Joe Biden
2. Senator Dianne Feinstein
3. Senator Chuck Schumer
4. Senator Ted Kennedy
5. Judge Alito's belly button lint

I won't spoil the results, but let's just say that I voted with the majority.