Saturday, September 18, 2004

Twenty Questions

Aside from Fox News Sunday, will any of the Sunday news programs explore the connection between Wild Bill Burkett and Mad Max Cleland? Why has contributor Susan Estrich all but disappeared from Fox programming since publication of her infamous syndicated column, which on the eve of Dan Rather's Big Whopper speculated about scandals that could damage George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and hinted at more dirt to come? Has Bob Beckel taken her slot as the Fox house Democrat? What did Susan know and when did she know it?

Do Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly patronize the same hatmaker these days? When Sean admonished Republicans not to get too cocky in the wake of recent polling data, did he consider heeding his own advice?

Will Wolf Blitzer invite Bob Dole back to appear on Late Edition before the election? If so, will Wolf be wearing his black blazer or does he own any other jackets? Is anyone else distracted by his ever-present black blazer? Is that why Joe Biden repeatedly called him Wolf Blazer on the November 24, 2002 broadcast? When will CNN bring back the Late Edition roundtable featuring Jonah Goldberg, Donna Brazile, Peter Beinart, Robert George, et al? Is there a clause in David Dreier's contract as a roving pundit that requires equal time for Charlie Rangel?

Will MSNBC let Joe Scarborough be Joe Scarborough? Did they hire a center-right Republican merely to silence the critics who crowed that MSNBC was all liberal all the time? Why not rename his show Scarecrow Country then? Has anyone counted the number of times Joe asked his guests, "What does John Kerry have to do to win this election?” Doesn’t MSNBC owe its election year ratings creep past CNN to the Bush haters? Has Pat Buchanan, the Ghost of Paleocons Past, gotten so much MSNBC face time because he feeds the false stereotype of the angry, anti-immigration, anti-Israel conservative?

Is there anyone better qualified to host a national talk show than Hugh Hewitt, the Czar of the Blogosphere who possesses impeccable multimedia credentials, a wealth of experience and contacts inside and outside of the beltway, and the unique ability to bridge the gap between old media and new media? Wouldn't MSNBC, which once had pretensions of wedding information technology with telejournalism, be smart to offer Hugh his own show?

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